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Our Menu

Arctic menu from the northern lights and midnight sun, made from scratch.
North Norwegian specialties is our starting point, but with an international flavor.
Rundhaug Guesthouse has been driven by women, good food has always been an important part from the beginning in 1905. Målselv is a melting pot, gastronomy is characterized by settlers who came from the south for 200 years since, and the close relationship throughout the century to the Sami population in the north.
The menu is largely seasonal, based on commodity from below site.
Fish, game, berries, wild herbs from the Arctic is known to be unique.
Welcome to the table!

Ala Carte Menu

Bestilling av middag må gjøres minst tre timer på forhånd. Her er en mulig meny, men spør gjerne etter andre alternativ dersom du ønsker det.

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Conferance Menu

God mat er viktig under ethvert arrangement. Her er en mulig konferansemeny, men har du/ dere andre ønsker så ordner vi det. Send gjerne forespørsel på skjema til venstre.

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Party Menu

Rundhaug Gjestegård er stedet for de viktige selskapene opp til 100 gjester. Vi skreddersyr gjerne meny nøyaktig slik du/ dere ønsker. Her er noen alternativer.

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Out Door Menu

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